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World Environment Day 2021: Ecosystem Restoration

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The World Environment Day is one of the most significant dates on the United Nations calendar. The objective of this day, which is celebrated every 5th of June since 1974, is to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of the preservation and protection of our environment.

The subject chosen by the United Nations for this year is Ecosystem Restoration, which under the slogan “Reimagine. Recreate. Restore”, intends to encourage the world population to develop ecological actions supporting the preservation and improvement of the many ecosystems that have been damaged by human action throughout the years.

Dealing with this issue is currently fundamental to ensure the maintenance of biodiversity on Earth, since only through measures aimed at protecting the environment will we be able to improve our present and help build a hopeful future for next generations.

At Destilerías Muñoz Gálvez we are aware of the importance of carrying out actions that help preserve our ecosystems, that is why we have developed several projects aimed at minimising our environmental impact as we increase the efficiency of our processes.

We have facilities equipped with photovoltaic solar panels, which, along with our commitment to use only energy from 100% renewable sources, make us a company with a neutral carbon footprint.

Moreover, thanks to the effort of our R&D&i Department, we have been able to boost our production while drastically reducing our water footprint. Currently, due to the development of projects such as WaterReuse, the optimisation of our water management has brought us to the point of having reduced our annual consumption by 89% in the last few years.

With actions like this, at DMG we seek to promote a green economy performing our activity in a sustainable and responsible way.