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What should you consider when choosing an air freshener for your home?

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Few products can transform a home so much as an air freshener. These items, to which the consumer only demanded a fresh and clean aroma in the past, have become essential elements when it comes to giving a unique personality to our homes.

The fact that an air freshener for home can become a distinctive part of a house and a reflection of its owner’s preferences is not due exclusively to the multitude of scents that are available on the market. It is also because of the diversity of formats and aesthetics of this products.

Aromatic candles, electric air fresheners, mikados and scent diffusers are some of the most popular types of air fresheners used to perfume our homes. Their qualities are increasingly appreciated by numerous consumers, as can be seen with the increase in its sale and demand.


Choosing the right air freshener for home

The wide spectrum of available air fresheners makes it easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing one of them to scent our home with.

One of the facts to consider is the method by which the fragrance is spread, since each of the formats on the market has certain characteristics that are worth considering.

For example, scented candles produce, thanks to their light and warmth, a relaxed atmosphere that is difficult to achieve through the use of other air fresheners. However, one reason that could make us choose another type of format to perfume our home could be the fact that, for safety reasons, we should pay a minimum of attention to candles when they are turned on.

On the other hand, electric air fresheners release their aroma in a gradual and constant way, usually allowing us to select the intensity on the device. However, it is necessary that they are plugged to the electric supply or to a battery.

Like these two types, we can also aromatize our homes by using other items (incense, reed diffusers…). They have particular advantages and limitations that make its choice more or less suitable depending on the place in which it is going to be located and the use intended for it.


Knowing the trends in home fragrances

A house with a pleasant scent according to our liking favours a positive and stress-free state of mind. To achieve this, we can choose between the most classic fragrances, or we can try compositions of more original olfactory notes.

Although the former, mainly floral, fresh or fruity, continue to enjoy great popularity on the market, the number of new aromas that are being developed and conquer the consumer through more innovative fragrances is increasing every day. Among these you can find compositions that display musky chords, amber backgrounds or even gourmand notes that flood the room with their sweetness.

Essences that seek to emulate natural environments with the greatest possible fidelity,  such as those that we can find when entering a forest or approaching the seashore, are also very popular. This search for nature in home is usually accompanied by strong ecological values, being another point that customers have begun to consider when buying these products.


Producing fragrances for air fresheners

At DMG we have a wide variety of 100% natural essential oils with which we create compositions for different types of air fresheners.

We also have a wide range of fragrances developed by our R&D&I department in accordance with the recommendations of IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

We adapt our compositions to each project and format, always being developed with the main objective of exceeding our clients’ expectations. If you are interested in us helping you find the ideal fragrance for your air freshener, do not hesitate to contact us through any of the means available at the following link.