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The present of fragrances: discovering the sustainable formulation

The growing popularity of eco-friendly products is undoubtedly one of the factors that has most transformed the global market in recent years.

According to a report published by the market research company NielsenIQ, 73% of Spanish consumers acknowledge giving more importance to sustainability today than just two years ago. Another figure collected indicates that 79% of consumers globally will tend to buy in spaces that offer a greater variety of sustainable products.

For this reason, it is not surprising in the current scenario that sustainability and ecological awareness are pillars in the lifestyle of younger consumers, who are willing to pay a higher price for quality sustainable products.

This positive trend of global reach and of enormous force at present makes more and more industries join in the development of articles that respect the environment, thus promoting social and economic progress without damaging natural ecosystems.

The perfumery sector places more and more emphasis on ecological packaging, using reusable containers made from recycled material. An example of this could be Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria collection, packaged in refillable bottles made from 15% recycled glass, the production of which generates less than half the carbon of its non-refillable counterpart.

At the national level, Stanpa and Ecovidrio have presented an ecodesign guide earlier this month that offers recommendations to reduce the weight of the bottles and avoid elements that make recycling them difficult.

Sectors such as cosmetics and home care are also increasingly committed to making 100% sustainable products, embracing a new form of consumption that transcends fashion and is here to stay.

What is the sustainable formulation of fragrances?

As a result of the aforementioned trend, a factor that is increasingly taken into account by the sectors in which fragrances and aromas are applied is that these have been developed through a sustainable formulation of fragrances.

With the sustainable formulation of fragrances, the aim is to give greater importance to ecological and social aspects when preparing aromatic essences, emphasizing that they have been manufactured minimizing carbon emissions, using 100% renewable electricity and taking other considerations (social, ecological and ethical) into account.

At DMG, some of the measures that have been adopted to contribute to the conservation of our environment, prevent pollution and minimize negative environmental impacts are:

  • Promoting research and development of technologies, methods and processes that contribute to the optimization of resources and raw materials within our business activity.
  • Betting on the circular economy of processes, developing R+D+i projects that have made innovation possible in production processes, as well as environmental improvements focused on the decontamination and reuse of water with a high organic load.
  • Using our own solar panels and an external supply of electrical energy, certified as coming from 100% renewable sources.
  • Manufacturing aromatic compositions, respecting the sustainable production and consumption policies of certifications such as Ecolabel, Ecocert or Blue Angel, thus guaranteeing compliance with national and international ecological standards.
  • Promoting the creation of aromatic compounds made from essential oils, oleoresins and other 100% natural raw materials.

Such commitments have been synergistically integrated into our manufacturing processes, resulting in increased production, while significantly reducing the company’s carbon and water footprint.

If you want your product to have a sustainably produced fragrance that is respectful of both the end user and the environment, without sacrificing the performance and efficacy to which they are accustomed, do not hesitate to contact us.