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The power of fragrances in detergency

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When deciding among items whose fragrances accompany us in our day-to-day life, personal hygiene products, perfumes and cosmetics such as gels, shampoos and lotions, often come to our minds

Despite their relevance, these items are not the only ones responsible for surrounding our everyday life with their aromas. It is important to also bear in mind the sometimes forgotten soft and fresh olfactive notes that a good detergent can bring to our garments.

Brief overview of detergent

The invention and application of detergent for laundry is a relatively recent historical event. However, there is evidence that soap solutions made from animal fat and ash were already used in Babylon for the washing of textiles almost 5000 years ago.

Centuries after those primitive soaps, eastern perfumed soaps such as the Aleppo soap, made from olive oil and bay leaf, would be imported into Europe.

It would not be until much later, at the beginning of the 20th century, that detergent first appeared in Germany. The First World War and its political aftermath led the country to an unprecedented shortage of the necessary ingredients to manufacture soap, which led to the appearance of the first detergents.


Fragrances for detergency at present

Nowadays, there is a wide range of detergents available on the market that adapt to the consumer preferences both in format (powder, liquid, tablets, capsules…) as in aroma.

Fragrances in laundry detergents have become a key point to ensure that a product is purchased by a potential customer. While in the past, a detergent was only required to be efficient, now it is also required a scent with a certain degree of sophistication that enhances the original attributes of the textile for a long period of time.

There are fragrances for all tastes and needs, from the most traditional ones inspired directly by nature (Jasmine, roses, lavender…) to those intending to differentiate themselves not only through their good performance, but also for the innovative nature of their aroma.


Development of fragrances for the detergency industry

At Destilerías Muñoz Gálvez, S.A. we design sophisticated, effective and pleasant fragrances for the detergency industry.

Our compositions are created from a selection of high-quality raw materials and designed to provide highly sensory experiences that extend in time.

Our aim in this area is to meet the needs of our customers by developing fragrances which are in harmony with their products, turning their use into a parade of sensations.