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Shampoos and conditioners: finding the perfect fragrance for your hair

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When it comes to keeping healthy and strong hair, knowing how to choose a shampoo that fulfils the needs of our hair is a key factor.

Although the main use of shampoo is, grosso modo, the care and cleaning of hair by using surfactants that remove the oil excess, each hair is different. Therefore, it is logical that there is a wide range of products capable of meeting the needs of each person. Shampoos for oily, dry, straight, curly hair… and the list goes on including other products like conditioners and hair masks.

It is not only the effectiveness of these products when meeting their goals what catches the consumer’s eye and makes him add them to his usual shopping list. There is another convincing reason capable of awakening an emotional answer that may turn out to be decisive when choosing between a brand or another: its fragrance.


Brief history of shampoo

While the history of shampoo, as the product we know today, may be considered relatively recent, the history of hair care itself is very extensive, going back at least to ancient Egypt.

Olive, almond and sesame oils were used by the Egyptians to create various products for hair, which they washed and perfumed using water and citrus fruit juices. It was also common for them to condition their hair with products made with essential oils from plants and animal fats.

However, the most important contributions were those coming from India, to the point of being where the word “shampoo” comes from. This word derives from the Hindi chāmpo, whose meaning is to press or massage.

In India, hair care is a custom that has been around for centuries. People used to boil a mix of herbs and fruits to apply them to their hair. These fruits included washing nuts which, thanks to their high content of saponin, turn out to be one of the most effective natural detergents. In many Indian houses, the custom of drying certain leaves, fruits and flowers is still practiced, to make a natural preparation to wash their hair.

As time passed, trade between India and Europe became more and more common, which paved the way for the expansion of many products and techniques for hair care throughout the Western world.

It was not until the first half of 20th century that the first liquid shampoos appeared, which led the way to the current state of the industry, in which hair care has become a multisensory experience.


The importance of fragrance in your shampoos and conditioners

The importance that we give to the fragrances of the many current products for hair is undeniable. There is no element more capable of distinguishing a shampoo from its competition that a scent that integrates perfectly into the product enhancing its features.

Capable of awakening powerful sensations in consumers, fragrances have become one of our main reasons to choose a product over another. The sensory stimuli that their scent notes awaken flood the air upon contact with water and make us directly relate these products to our health and well-being.

Currently, exotic and fruity aromas (coconut, kiwi, papaya, passion fruit…) are especially popular in addition to shampoos with predominating floral notes, which are also very common.


Development of fragrances for hair care

At Destilerías Muñoz Gálvez we develop sophisticated long-lasting fragrances to be integrated in hair care products.

Our great expertise allows us to adapt ourselves to the needs and characteristic of each project, working only with high-quality materials that respect our scalp.

If you are looking for an scent for your product, contact us and find out how we can help you find the perfect fragrance for it.