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Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil: benefits, properties and uses

The Litsea cubeba is a species of evergreen tree that can reach 12 meters in height. Originally from China and Southeast Asia, it belongs to the Lauraceae family, which includes cinnamon and laurel, among others.

Although its wood is used in construction and furniture production, it is the essential oil extracted from its fruits that gives it a greater commercial value. Also known as May Chang, it is obtained from steam distillation and has a high amount of neral (~32%) and geranial (~40%), making it an excellent natural source of citral.


Uses and properties of Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil

This plant has been used for hundreds of years in China, where it was common in the preparation of medicinal teas due to its supposed digestive and analgesic properties.

In Taiwan its fruit is known as “mountain pepper” and is used both for its medicinal properties and for its flavour. The aborigines of the Atayal people incorporate their dried fruits, whose appearance in this state is reminiscent of black pepper, in the preparation of meat and fish.

Recent pharmacological studies have shown that the essential oil of Litsea cubeba has, among others, the following properties:

Although these characteristics refer mainly to its health and medicinal qualities, it should not surprise us that the popularity of Litsea cubeba essential oil extends to products of all kinds.

Its fresh and sweet smell is reminiscent of the aroma of lemon, resulting in a very popular alternative in perfumery, cosmetics and hair care products.

It contains a high amount of citral (~74%), of great importance in the manufacture of essences and pharmaceutical products. It is also used in the food industry to add citrus nuances to food and drinks.

It is also common in the production of insect repellents. Its application together with citronella essential oil is common, since it refreshes its olfactory notes and enhances its insecticidal activity with its own repellent properties.

Its use in the preparation of fragrances for air conditioning is not far behind, since its revitalizing aroma invites you to clear your mind and remove the stress of everyday life. It is especially popular in scented candles, incense and mikado air fresheners.

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