When choosing home care products such as floor cleaners, dishwashers or grease removers, the perfume that accompanies them and their durability are fundamental characteristics, capable of causing the consumer to opt for one item or another.

This importance that we attach to fragrances seems to be influenced by the value that our brain naturally attaches to olfactory stimuli since, according to various studies related to neuromarketing, around 75% of the emotions we feel daily are linked to smell.

In addition to this almost instinctive relevance that fragrances have for us, it is worth noting the functional benefits that they offer to this type of product since, although perfumes do not play an active role in disinfecting the home, they are added to the consumer experience, by masking the smell of the chemical cleaners themselves and neutralizing possible bad odors from clothes or closed spaces, thus increasing the feeling of cleanliness.

Thus, its impact on our emotions must be taken into account, since it has been shown that the presence of pleasant aromas such as lavender essential oil can improve our mood and help generate positive feelings.

With all this information, it is easy to deduce why home care products continue to have the use of fragrances as a fundamental pillar, whose creations are currently experiencing a period of extraordinary creativity and innovation.



Today the fragrances of home care products are valued beyond their functionality. Consumers take into account that home care items will give their homes a clean, sanitizing smell, so they are, therefore, more open than ever to introducing novel scents into their homes.

This search for new fragrances is due, in large part, to the fact that the needs of end users have changed significantly in recent years. Nowadays the home has become more than ever a reflection of the personality of the individual, who finds in his house an emotional refuge from which to face the stress of the dizzying day to day. That is why both the maintenance and cleaning of the home are increasingly related in our unconscious to personal care, as reflected in current market trends.

Gone are the days when only efficient cleaning products limited to performing the assigned task were sought. At present, the user hopes to be able to find home care products in their trusted store whose fragrance communicates specifically with their personality and favours their well-being.

Fragrances for cleaning and home care products are evolving, seeking greater differentiation between brands by creating unique olfactory experiences. An approach that bets on a more sophisticated formulation that is rapidly approaching what we are used to seeing in the world of fine perfumery can be increasingly appreciated.

For this reason, the trickle down is becoming enormously popular, through which complex fragrances that we would initially place in sectors such as cosmetics or perfumery are strongly positioned in markets such as Home Care.

Olfactory notes that are gaining prominence this season and that are quite new in this sector are, for example, those of the pitahaya, a fruit that has won the position of smell of the year thanks to its floral, sweet and intoxicating notes. The demand for exotic floral accords aligned with the Viva Magenta colour is also growing.

Another booming trend is the creation of more ecological aromatic compounds, which have been made using a sustainable formulation, with the use of essential oils, oleoresins and other 100% natural materials.

At DMG we create fragrances for all kinds of products for home care. Our perfumers continually develop new fragrances aligned with market trends, being disruptive in projects that seek to redefine the meaning of “clean smell”.

If you would like us to help you design the right fragrance for your brand, please do not hesitate to contact us.