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Fragrances with marine chords: evoking the ocean from a bottle

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There are no fragrances more suitable for hot summer days than those capable of taking us to shores of heady sea breezes. Although the citric and sparkling chords of lemon or bergamot are frequent in this type of refreshing fragrances, it is the sea olfactory notes that provide the necessary elements to awake those unique oceanic sensations in the consumer.

In recent years, compositions with marine chords have captivated the international market, making their way among more traditional fragrances to obtain a place of honour in the world of perfumery.

In spite of the importance that the sea has had throughout history in our life, culture, economy and art, the tendency to use scents with predominating fresh ozone and sea notes are surprisingly close in time. This, far from being because of a genuine lack of interest, must be attributed to the difficulty caused by the technical challenge that perfumers have had to face:  How is the essence of the ocean captured?


Capturing the fragrances of the sea

Although there are natural raw materials from which essences evoking aquatic sensations can be obtained, such as the absolute extracted from the Fucus vesiculosus alga, synthetic options are more frequently used to recreate ocean scents because of their lower price and variety of possibilities.

One of the most significant ingredients of this olfactive family, calone, appeared by the middle of the 20th century, when it was originally created to be used as an aroma that would recreate the flavour of watermelon (Watermelon Ketone).

It was a long time before this product became popular and started to be used in the development of fragrances for, first, household products and, later, perfumery

At Destilerías Muñoz Gálvez, S.A. we develop fragrances with sea chords for products as distinguishable as those intended for household perfuming and detergency.

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the development of essences which are individually adapted to the needs of each project and customer, turning these pure, fresh and casual aromas into the protagonists of countless compositions.

Our aim in this section is to surpass the expectations of our customers, designing fragrances that adapt to their products and turn their use into a sensory experience.