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Clove essential oil: benefits, aroma and uses

Used for thousands of years for its unique features, clove is a powerful spice recognised today mostly for its use in cuisine. In this area, it enjoys great popularity, being a part of a wide repertoire of recipes from all over the world.

Its spicy aroma is incredibly intense and warm, with sweet and woody nuances that make it the favourite dressing for many, complementing with its flavour everything from salads and meats to the most elaborate desserts.

It is obtained from collecting and drying the Flowers of the clove tree (Syzygium aromaticum), an evergreen tree capable of reaching 20 meters in height which is native to the Moluccas Islands, historically known as the Spice Islands.

The main reason that has led us to dedicate an article to this relevant spice is that applications of its aroma extend far beyond de culinary field. Its essential oil, which is extracted by distillation of its dried flowers and, sometimes, leaves and stems of this tree, is currently of great importance in perfumery and air fresheners sectors.


Clove throughout History

The use and trade of clove are so old that it is extremely difficult to date its beginning. There is conclusive evidence that it dates back to at least the 6th century BC, already proving its presence at that time.

The documented applications of clove over the centuries have been very varied, having great importance, for example, in Indian Ayurveda medicine and in traditional Chinese medicine, which states that clove is an element that warms the body and which , taken in its proper measure, has beneficial effects on the stomach.

Another curious application of clove in the past was to serve as a remedy for bad breath. In the Han dynasty, it was mandatory for subjects to chew cloves before addressing the emperor.

In the Middle Ages, clove would be imported to the West by Arab merchants, who would be replaced in the 15th century by the Portuguese. The trade control for such valued product, together with that of other spices such as nutmeg, would be the cause of numerous political tensions.


Current uses of clove essential oil

Currently, clove essential oil is widely used in olfactory compositions for all kinds of products, from fine Perfumery to air fresheners, passing through uses in toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Its powerful aroma is due to the enormous amount of eugenol that it contains, which means that its use must be measured with great precision if its fragrance is not to predominate in the aromatic composition in which it is present.

Eugenol, in addition to being used for its fragrance and flavour, is highly valued for its features as an antiseptic and local anesthetic.

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